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Struggling to make sense of your data? We’re a data analytics company that helps you unlock 7X faster insights.

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Helping Businesses Leverage the Power of Data Analytics

We help companies drive data-informed decisions across every industry with our data analytics services. Our domain expertise, fair prices, and proactive attitude ensure timely and cost-effective delivery of projects according to a customer’s particular needs.

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Our Data Analytics Services

P99Soft empowers businesses to harness the power of their data. We deliver end-to-end services—from building robust data infrastructure to extracting valuable insights with advanced analytics and machine learning.

We provide data quality and governance, develop clear visualizations that drive insight and thus enable business decision-making, and optimize development lifecycles. Whether personalizing customer experience, improving app performance, or unlocking new revenue streams from your data, P99Soft has the expertise to guide you through achieving such goals.

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Data Engineering & Infrastructure

We design, build out, and manage sound data pipelines and infrastructure to handle your ever-growing data needs, ensuring seamless flow, storage, and accessibility for all of your analytics initiatives.

Data Governance and Quality

We offer data governance and quality services to ensure your data is accurate, consistent, and secure for confident and well-based decisions.

Advanced Analytics & Machine Learning

We harness advanced analytics and machine learning so that rich insights and predictive abilities might be garnered from your data. Stay competitive by unlocking trends and patterns that cannot be seen through the naked eye.

Business Intelligence and Data Visualization

We develop a crystal-clear, compelling data visualization that helps realize insights from your complex data, thus empowering stakeholders to enhance their understanding of key metrics and drive more informed decision-making at a glance.

Software Development Analytics

Our services in software development analytics give insights into your development process. Identify bottlenecks, track progress, and improve your efficiency for faster time-to-market.

Customer Analytics & User Behavior Analysis

We help our clients understand their customers and behavior patterns. Leverage this information to personalize marketing campaigns, improve product design, and increase customer loyalty.

App Performance & A/B Testing

Full-service support for the comprehensive in-app performance analytics with A/B testing. Enhance the functionality and user experience of your app to improve engagement and conversions.

Web Analytics & Conversion Rate Optimization

Our web analytics and CRO services help understand user interactions with your website. Optimise website content and user flow for better conversion rates and desired business outcomes.

Data Security & Regulatory Compliance

We will provide robust data security solutions and help you get around the complex data privacy regulations. Be sure that your information is safe and your organization remains compliant.

Data Monetization Strategy

We develop data monetization strategies that help generate revenue from your data. Exploit new opportunities and maximize the ROI from a set of data.

Our Commitment to Quality Throughout Your Project

We handle your project in an uncompromising quality regime. Proactive risk management on realistic timelines and budgets for the delivery of both. Co-create in a collaborative environment where we transparently communicate on shared vision and success. Your concerns about data security are essential, so be assured by our secure collection and storage practices.

Proactive Risk Management

We assess project risks in advance to provide realistic estimations of time and budget, minimizing surprises down the road.

Collaborative Environment

We foster cooperation, trust, and respect to achieve effective teamwork, ensuring open communication and a shared vision for success.

Data Security

We guarantee that we collect and store your business data securely, giving you peace of mind about your sensitive information.

Future-Proof Documentation

We maintain and update accurate project documentation to support future software evolution, making it easier to adapt and maintain your system in the long run.

Transparent Communication

We ensure full transparency of project progress with the help of custom KPIs, tailored reporting procedures, and efficient task-tracking systems, keeping you informed and involved at every stage.

Industry Expertise

Having worked with diverse industries, we speak your language and understand your domain's unique challenges and needs, allowing us to tailor our approach to your specific business context.

Knowledge Transfer and User Adoption

To ensure high user adoption and smooth knowledge transfer, we are ready to conduct user training for your team, empowering them to use the new system effectively.

How You Benefit from P99Soft as Your Data Analytics Partner

Empower your team and gain actionable insights with P99Soft as your analytics partner. We leverage automation to remove most tasks from data management, leaving your IT team to focus on other important tasks, thus giving users the convenience of self-service business intelligence tools. Our data visualization techniques showcase involved insights in overt, easily understandable reports.


Effortless Data Management

We set up automated data management and governance processes, saving you and your IT team valuable time. Empower your team to create ad-hoc reports without coding through user-friendly self-service BI tools.


Actionable Insights at a Glance

We use various data visualization techniques to present complex insights in clear, easy-to-understand reports. Get the information you need quickly with reports designed for at-a-glance comprehension.


Data-Driven Confidence

We consolidate your data from various sources into a central Data Warehouse (DWH), creating a single source of truth for your entire organization. Our robust ETL processes ensure your data is always accurate, consistent, and complete, leading to dependable analytics.


Uncover Hidden Value

We go beyond just building reports. Our goal is to help you leverage your data to its full potential, uncovering hidden opportunities for optimization, such as cost reduction and productivity improvements.

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