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Hyderabad Office Opening

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Pune Office Opening

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Pune Outing


8th September, 2023

Newman API Automation Framework Showcase

In this event, we unveiled the powerful Newman API automation framework designed for seamless API testing. Leveraging the robust Newman library, this framework streamlines development efforts for our clients, eliminating the need to maintain outdated structures. Its user-friendly interface requires minimal code for incorporating new collections.

5th October, 2023

AEM-Based Redirect Infrastructure Enhancement Meeting

This meeting centered around the enhanced capabilities of our AEM-based redirects. Publishers can now effortlessly upload, rename, and manipulate redirect files, ensuring smooth navigation for users across various help sites. Additionally, the system supports the addition, modification, and deletion of entries within pre-configured redirect files, containing rules migrated from Akamai.

12th October, 2022

Exploring Micro Frontend Architecture

The gathering revolved around the dynamic concept of micro frontend architecture. Attendees delved into the division of the UI into discrete components, allowing for independent deployment and accelerated application development. The discussion also encompassed the latest advancements in front-end technologies, offering insights into the evolution of JavaScript.

19th October, 2023

Selenium vs. Robotic Process Automation Comparative Analysis

This session focused on a comprehensive comparison between Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Selenium. RPA emerged as a versatile automation technology, targeting a wide array of repetitive tasks across diverse applications and interfaces. Meanwhile, Selenium, a specialized framework, shines in web application testing. The meeting provided a deep dive into their functionalities, applications, and distinctive features.

25th August, 2023

Employee Service Improvement Meeting

During this gathering, we addressed the feedback from our recent anonymous employee satisfaction survey. The team engaged in a constructive discussion regarding the concerns raised by employees and worked towards finding viable solutions. This session yielded valuable observations, offering an enriching learning experience for the management team

26th October , 2023

Security Awareness Training: Internet Security for Employees

In this team session, we organised a comprehensive training session focusing on fundamental security awareness guidelines for internet safety and privacy. This initiative aims to empower employees with the knowledge and tools necessary to safeguard themselves both at home and in the workplace.

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